Shalom Ukestra

After getting your head and fingers around your ukulele in the Basics class, you may well be ready for


a group learning approach to playing popular music on the ukulele in a fun, social setting!

Ukestra makes sounding great on the Ukulele easy right from the beginning, whilst developing your skills and confidence in both singing and playing. Ukestra Music has been arranged in differentiated parts according to skill level, so players from beginners to advanced, can play parts with ease. This results in a satisfying quality of sound that both players and audience appreciate.

 Ukestra also involves a Uke bass, lead riffs and a lead singer so everyone inclined can have a shot! The Ukestra is designed so you will feel competent to participate in playing music together with others at whatever level you are at. It’s designed to be fun and social because if you’re enjoying your playing in good company, you’re likely to keep it up, right! Medicine for lonely hearts, black dogs and bored intellects – it’s Community Music making at it’s most engaging and all ages are welcome from 8 -108.

Please register your interest on the contact form – time and venue to be advised!


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