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 Children’s Ukulele entertainment for schools, libraries, festivals and events.

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ukulele show Clarissa Fluffytail townsville ukulele

Dragonuke Duo’s new children’s ukulele show features the characters, Clarissa the Cat & Ralph the Dog who interact with fun stories  and games about  each song.

Our aim is to spark children’s Imagination with story & song and encourage singing and interacting with the characters. Imaginical, tuniferous and funny!

The songs themselves are our favourite selections of story songs both classic and original including The Owl and the Pussycat;  As I set off for Turkey; My Baby Rhinoceri and I; and Puff the Magic Dragon.

The songs are played on tenor and bass Ukuleles with beautiful harmonies and percussion. Dragonuke Duo engage kids in musical awareness, listening skills and  lyrical comprehension.

Suitable for ages 0-9 years old.



can be followed by


– a participation session suitable for children 6-11 years

where  children get to bring out their own ukuleles

and play a very simple one note pluck or strum.

Together we pluck, strum and sing beautiful music!


The Children’s Ukulele Ukestra is designed to inspire a love of & confidence with the ukulele!

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